SEPTEMBER | 23 - 28


This year we celebrate a milestone in our history : 40 years of foundation of the Shalom Community. A story marked by God’s deeds in our lives, which fill us with gratitude and inflame our heart with Spousal Love to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

To celebrate that milestone, from September 23 to 28, we will hold the traditional Shalom Convention: a week of prayer, formation, gathering and fellowship, liturgical celebrations and an audience with the Holy Father, Pope Francis.


With our friends: the young and the poor, we are all invited to make a pilgrimage to Rome in a great procession with Eucharistic Jesus as the head and the Virgin Mary –the small and humble – whose mantle covers the people who form a single family.

Young people, children and adults, men and women, priests, celibate people and families, from different parts of the world, will gather together to give the Testimony of the Resurrection, Shalom!


Registration fee

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in the entire program of the 40 years shalom convention in Rome and get your pilgrim kit!

€ 110,00

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*Registration fee: To participate in the entire program of the Shalom Convention 2022 in Rome, it is necessary to register. The registration will give the pilgrims access to all events: conferences, presentations and celebrations, including the guarantee to the audience with the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

In addition, the registration fee includes the Shalom Pilgrim Kit, with some special items of the 40th anniversary of the Shalom Community.


The Eucharist is the center of our community and missionary life and through it the Community is united to the whole Church.

That's why we launched the Eternal Banquet Album, with 13 liturgical chants commemorating our 40 years.

Liturgical albums are already part of the history of the Community and in a Documentary with several episodes, we tell how, over time, they became tradition. In addition, we tell you about the creative process of this unprecedented production.

Watch the documentary: